Gluten Withdrawl

Did you experience gluten withdrawl after going gluten free?  Have you ever heard of gluten withdrawl?  Did any of your gluten-free resources warn you about it?

I had never heard the term before reading “Giving Up Gluten,” by Christine Boyd in this month’s issue of Living Without magazine, but boy did the lightbulb go off when seeing the list of symptoms, which range from neurological to gastrointestinal such as nausea, diarrhea, cramping and extreme hunger to psychiatric with mood disturbances, irritability, anxiety, depression or sleeplessness. 

I thought I was just “getting used to” my new diet, but a few weeks after going gluten free, I experienced a voracious appetite, moodiness and irritability.  Looking back, it seems to make perfect sense.  How can a major change like that NOT have a phsyiological effect on the body?  However, when I went gluten free and was getting advice from everyone about everything, no one mentioned this.

Have any of you experienced such symptoms after going gluten free?  If so, I’d like to hear about them.  While there isn’t any scientific data or research that substantiates the condition just yet, perhaps if people are made aware of it the symptoms can be better observed and documented for future researh.


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