Glow – The Aptly-named Gluten-free Cookie

I picked up my first package of Glow Gluten Free cookies at a Whole Foods recently.  When I read the Nutrition Facts Panel and ingredients statement, I smiled.  When I took my first bite, I glowed.   
I had finally found a gluten free cookie that I would eat even if I didn’t have to AND which  offered a list of ingredients I could feel good about. 
If you are reading this blog, it is likely that you get it…that feeling of elation when you find a gluten-free product you don’t have to convince yourself to like, but rather truly enjoy eating.  Jill Brack and her daughter, Stella, also get it.  According to a NY Metro Parents interview with the Glow Gluten Free founder, that’s how they felt when they finally found the cookie recipe they wanted to share with the gluten-free community.
Let’s talk taste and texture first.  Glow Gluten Free cookies are crunchy, hardy and come in four flavor favorites:  chocolate chip; gingersnap; snickerdoodle and; double chocolate.  If you are like me, and tend to prefer a chewy cookie, don’t fret.  There is a satisfying substance to Glow cookies that will make you forget your preference.  Plus, 10 seconds in the microwave and problem solved.
The powerful and genuine flavors are what really stand out, though.  The chocolate chip has a surprisingly decadent chocolate flavor considering the chips don’t dominate the cookie.  The same holds true for the gingersnap, the ginger and molasses shine through.
Next is nutrition.  I know…who wants to talk nutrition when it comes to a delicious-tasting cookie.  But that’s what makes Glow so great.  You can feel good about both!  The very first ingredient in Glow cookies is garbanzo and fava bean flour…a nutrient rich flour instead of the starchy, empty-calorie flours that dominate gluten-free products.  The flour is responsible for providing 2 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber in every cookie, both of which help make you full.  Two Glow cookies and you are satisfied.
Whether you’re looking for a better-for-you indulgence or a delicious treat…Glow is the way to go.

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