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Great Gluten-Free Dining Experiences: Part 2

My travels have slowed a bit since the beginning of the year, but they haven’t stopped.  In the past couple of months, I visited Scottsdale, Arizona and Napa, CA and had the fortune of two outstanding gluten-free dining experiences that I’d love to share with you.

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B12 Deficiency

While uncommon, the symptoms of B12 deficiency can be pretty severe.  It’s important to be able to identify the symptoms, whether in yourself or someone you know.  Continue reading

Raising Awareness for Celiac Disease and the Gluten-free Lifestyle

I had the good fortune of attending a luncheon yesterday hosted by the gluten-free food manufacturer, Schar.  Its purpose:  to raise awareness for Celiac Disase/Gluten Sensitivity (CD) and the gluten-free lifestyle so that the undiagnosed millions out there can get the treatment they need and start their journey to healthier living, as the consequences for going untreated can be serious. 

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The Gluten-free Move: Making a House a Home

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My new house already feels like a home to me.  You are probably asking how this is possible when I’ve only been living here for three days.  It’s easy, I did all the things that ground and comfort me…just in my new surroundings.

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The Gluten-Free Move

I’ve been living in the same place since being diagnosed and going gluten-free in May of 2009, and today I am moving.  All of the time and research spent finding the restaurants, cafes and grocers that provide the best gluten-free options has to be replicated.   For many, this may seem like a chore.  I, on the other hand, am excited.  Here’s my game plan…in case you’re interested.

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Generation Gluten-Free

Generation Gluten-Free is a documentary on celiac disease by Susan Cohen.  The documentary consists of a series of interviews with several of the pioneers of the celiac disease/gluten-free community.  It is much more than that, though.  It is an opportunity for the newly diagnosed to see how far the medical community and food industry have come in supporting the needs of celiacs.  Celiac is no longer a diagnosis for deprivation, but rather a challenge to overcome within a large, supportive community.

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What has been your celiac disease/gluten intolerance follow up treatment?

I’d like to hear from you about the kind of treatment, help, support you’ve gotten since being diagnosed with celiac and/or gluten intolerance.  I’d greatly appreciate you taking just a minute or two to answer the below question.  It will help me know how you like to receive gluten-free education, and I can provide information accordingly in future posts.  Thanks!