Laughing Giraffe Gluten-free Snakaroon

Last week, I did a review of Laughing Giraffe Gluten-free Granola.  The  product that truly stands out in the Laughing Giraffe Organics line, however, is the Vanilla Almond Gluten-free Snakaroon.  This is a delicious, indulgent snack that you can feel good about…well, sort of.

Read the short list of healthful ingredients contained in Laughing Giraffe Organic’s Gluten-free Snakaroon and your brain will be very happy:  organic almonds; organic unsweetened coconut; organic agave nectar; organic extra virgin coconut oil; organic vanilla extract (gluten-free); sea salt. 

Bite into one and you won’t believe your taste buds.  At least I didn’t.  These macaroons are the real McCoy–a mound of sweet, moist and chewy shredded coconut that is not cloyingly sweet or sticky. 

Just like Laughing Giraffe Gluten-free Granola, this is a snack that should be saved for a special treat.  While one macaroon fills the belly quite nicely, it does contain 230 calories and 18grams of fat,  11grams of which are saturated due to the coconut and coconut oil.

So, save these unbelievably delicious Snakaroons for an active day or one where you are ready and willing to expend the calories, because you won’t want to feel bad after tasting something this good!


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