Gluten-free Ingredient Information

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal

While an excellent article, there was inaccurate gluten-free ingredient information in last week’s Wall Street Journal article, Giving Up Gluten to Lose Weight? Not So Fast: Diet Regimen Effective in Treating Celiac Disease, But Not for Shedding Pounds. 

The article erroneously mentions some foods and products as those that people with Celiac should avoid.  The following CORRECT information was incorporated into the online version of the article on Saturday, August 28 (

  • Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal

    Adhesives used in envelopes and stamps do not contain gluten

  • While distilled vinegars and alcoholic beverages can be derived from gluten-containing grains, research has confirmed that the distillation process removes the gluten protein. One exception is beer made from malted barley, as it is only fermented and not distilled
  • Ketchup and most ice creams (except those with cookies and cookie dough) are also gluten-free
  • Courtesy of Triumph Dining

    While some personal care products such as lotions and shampoos may contain gluten, unless ingested, the gluten cannot be absorbed through the skin.  Occasionally lipstick and lip gloss may use a gluten-containing ingredient, but the amount is extremely low.  


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