Rhythm Crispy Kale Chips

Move over empty calorie potato chips.  I have a new snack to cure my salty, crunchy cravings and it is much healthier than you.  They are Rhythm Crispy Kale Chips.

If you follow my blog regularly, you know that I love kale chips.  I even provided my own recipe in a previous blog.  The problem with making them myself using a dehydrator is that I can never reach that satisfying level of crispiness.  So when I tasted Rhythm Crispy Kale Chips at Natural Products Expo West back in March, I was bummed they weren’t yet available.  To my delightful surprise, I was able to sample them again at Natural Products Expo East last week and learn that they are now available for consumer purchase.  YAY!

The kale chips come in five flavors:  Kool Ranch; Bombay Curry; Zesty Nacho; Texas BBQ; and my spicy favorite, Mango Habanero.  Each flavor is made with fresh kale that is then mixed with the appropriate seasoned dressing and air-crisped at a low temperature rather than fried or baked.

The results are a  snack with bold flavor and a nice crunch.  But what about the ingredients?  I have to admit, I was scared to turn the package around and be disappointed only to find a long list of processed ingredients in the ingredient statement.  But no!  Each kale chip flavor has fresh kale as its first ingredient, followed by a list of fruits, veggies, herbs, spices and vinegar to provide the featured flavor.  Nothing artificial.  Not even “natural” flavors are added!

It’s delightful to share the nutrition facts with you.  Depending on the flavor, each serving (2 servings per container) contains:

  • 100 – 106 calories
  • ≤ 5 grams of total fat
  • 2 grams of fiber
  • 4 – 6 grams of protein
  • < 190 milligrams of sodium
  • more than 100% of the daily value of vitamin A (from the kale; not enriched)
  • more than 65% of the daily value of vitamin C (from the Kale; not enriched)

In addition to their delicious kale chips, Rhythm Superfoods makes Kale and Flaxseed Crackers in Italian Herb and Crunchy Queso flavors and coming to market in the next few months are their Sweet Potato Chips in Smokey BBQ and Sea Salt & Vinegar. 

To boot, Rhythm Superfoods is working towards having all three product lines be certified USDA Organic by January 2011.

I can’t wait to see their products in my local store.  Sorry dehydrator!


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