Top Five Gluten Free Resources of 2010

2010 was my first full year of being gluten free.  There are countless resources that helped me get through the year, but here are the top five that I referenced on a regular basis…

1) The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) – This organization gets it when it comes to bringing the latest news, trends, products and resources to the celiac community.  They are also on the forefront of using traditional and social media to help raise awareness.  I particularly like the following from NFCA:

  • e-updates announcing the lastest research findings, government policy and regulations and gluten-free events
  • compilation of celiac/gluten free bloggers
  • Gluten Free Recipe of the Week webpage
  • Ask the Dietitian webpage
  • Appetite for Awareness Event (which I couldn’t make this year, but heard was amazing!)
  • Education seminars and webinars, for professionals and consumers

2) Dish Towel Diaries – Silvana Nardone, founding editor-in-chief of Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine and author of Cooking for Isaiah, founded this website.  It provides a wealth of gluten free and dairy free recipes (as well as gluten-containing recipes) and the blog is a delight to read.  This is definitely one of my go-to sites for entertaining ideas.  Her cookbook is great, too.  Perfect for preparing recipes with the kids.

3) Elana’s Pantry – This website from gluten free cookbook author, Elana Amsterdam, is my go-to site for healthful gluten free recipes.  I go to this site for every day healthful cooking as well as for finding impressive holiday entertaining ideas.  In addition to many, many recipes, the site offers information about common gluten free ingredients and resources.  Elana’s cookbooks are in my home and, let’s just say, broken in.

4) Triumph Dining’s Gluten Free Restaurant Guide – I moved in July and this book was a lifesaver with respect to finding restaurants that cater to the gluten free.  What I like most about this book is its accuracy.  Every restaurant I tried provided pretty much exactly the food items mentioned in the book’s summary.  It is clear that this is a well-researched and fact-checked book.  It is a great gift for anyone that has to eat gluten free.

5) Gluten Free Living Magazine – A smile spreads across my face when my Gluten Free Living arrives in the mail, because I know I will have an entire issue of articles informing me about Celiac Disease and living the gluten free lifestyle.  From articles sharing the latest in Celiac Disease research to information about which food products and ingredients do/do not contain gluten to label reading advice and the lastest gluten free products out on the market, this magazine should be required reading for the gluten free!

These resources helped me through 2010 and I will surely keep on using them in 2011. 

Do you have a few favorite gluten free resources?  If so, please share!

2 responses to “Top Five Gluten Free Resources of 2010

  1. Does “Gluten Free Living” feature mostly recipes that are just GLUTEN free? We have a longer list of foods to avoid, that include dairy, soy, nuts, and I hate to spend money on a magazine subscription that uses lots of things for which there is not a good substitute (sour cream, cream cheese, etc).

    • Many of the recipes in Gluten Free Living are free from other allergens, but the focus is on gluten free. Another resource that address all allergens is Living Without magazine. That my be a better option for you.

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