Monthly Archives: February 2011

For Health, Think Quality Not Quantity

Listen up, as this is a message you are going to start hearing more and more of with respect to healthful eating.  When it comes to making smart food choices, focus less on how much you are eating of a certain nutrient and focus more on the quality of the nutrient you are eating, and you will be on your way to a better and healthier you.

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Gluten Free Advice for 2010 Dietary Guidelines

As shared in last week’s post, the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans were released, as they are every five years.  The guidelines are a roadmap to help Americans eat in a way that is conducive to long term health and vitality.

The biggest obstacle to healthy eating is that consumers don’t want to give up the foods they enjoy…and they don’t have to.  The guidelines are moving away from focusing on single nutrients and specific strategies, such as counting fat grams, and moving back to a dietary approach that puts greater emphasis on overall eating patterns.

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