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4 responses to “Contact

  1. Rachel,
    We at GFRAP wish you well with your move.
    We hope our website will be very beneficial to you as you seek to dine out in your new location confidently!

    Madelyn Smith
    GIG Program Manager
    Gluten-Free Restaurant Awareness Program

    • Thank you, Madelyn. I have already checked out the GFRAP site to find restaurants!! If you ever need help in the NY Metro area, let me know. In addition to being an RD, I have experience in the foodservice arena and have implemented food allergy and gluten training programs for schools and their foodservice associates.

  2. Hi there! What have been your GF at school experiences, and what struggles have you had? I am starting a webpage called Celiac at School to help parents navigate the educational system… AND

    • Most of my school experiences have been with private schools as one of my clients is a foodservice provider for private schools. The private schools managed by the foodservice provider I work with have been extremely accommodating to students with celiac disease and other allergies/intolerances, and the foodservice provider is on the cutting edge of this issue. My experience with public schools is more about knowing parents of students in public schools. Public schools really want to accommodate students with allergies/intolerances, but they are more likely to have budgetary and resource constraints and it requires a team effort with parents and school administrators working together and understanding one another’s needs and abilities.

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